catching up

August 14, 2008

i humbly apologize for dropping the ball on posting new entries.  in the last couple of weeks, i have closed a show, opened a new show, closed a season, moved home, had some medical woes, and some personal stuff going on.  however!  i did come home to a shiny new shipment of books that i mentioned in my last post.  i will be hauling them across the state to grad school and indulging in them very soon.

speaking of, grad school starts again in four days and counting.  after much harassment from the automated system, i have finally signed up for classes.  i have a feeling that one of these will be a filler while i figure out if i have a teaching assistant position or not.

  • repertory theatre [lighting design]
  • development of drama
  • advanced scene design
  • design studio 4

total credit hours: 10

i am crossing my fingers that the TA position comes through, because a) i need the experiance, and b) i pity the fool who has to deal with my atrocious drawing skills in scene design.

anyway.  i really enjoyed my season designing for the opera house.  it was a small venue, and not exactly on the verge of high technology, but i love the company.  i tend to believe that the people you work with is what makes a job great, and the spirit that this company has is astounding.  it was my second summer there [my first being in 2005 as the master electrician], and it’s a place that has always felt like home.  my only wish for them is that they are able to get the funding to continue with their restoration project, and that they survive with the faltering economy.  michigan is not exactly a mecca for the arts.

i am also beginning to really crack down on my portfolio and job search.  my portfolio is in much better shape than it was at this time last year…but to be fair, i hadn’t touched it since march 2006!  i have five shows to add to it within the next week, as i am sure my graduate adviser will be curious as to how i spent my summer “vacation.”

vacation.  hah! 🙂


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