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an introduction

July 27, 2008

hello world!

i am a short and painfully perky LD named kat.  i live in michigan.  i figure that this would be a good way for me to chronicle some of my recent and future work as well as whatever other lighting geekery i come up with.    this is also a good way for people to keep track of what i’m doing these days; i have a bad habit of losing contact with people i like, and then being asked…”so WHAT do you do?  WHERE are you?”

let’s start there:  i am a lighting designer currently finishing out the summer season at a wonderful opera house located in southern michigan.  i will soon be moving back to school to finish out my third and final year of grad school.  after that, who knows?  i have big plans [and even bigger dreams], but in the theatre world you learn to take life one day at a time.

anything else tech-related i will probably cover at some point, but feel free to ask!  i am generally pretty friendly and laid-back…until dimmer packs start blowing.  more on that later.