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books, books, books [part i]

July 28, 2008

so with the startling realization that in 295 days [6 hours, 23 minutes, but who’s counting?] i will hold a shiny degree that allows me to actually TEACH, i have found myself trying to prepare for the “unknown.”  i don’t exactly look my age [24] or anything remotely “professor-like”, so i don’t believe i will be serenading college students with lectures anytime soon.  however, an actor friend brought up that nonetheless, i should be working on my library.

library.  hah.  i am a little late on that.  we all know that theatre people aren’t exactly the richest people in the bunch [paycheck to paycheck for your art and all], so buying texts i didn’t need at the moment was never a priority.  don’t get me wrong – i have a great collection of plays.  i even have mass media communication research and literature from my second major in undergrad.  however, my “technical library” does not go much further than michael gilette’s books on lighting design and technical production.  oh, and the backstage handbook, so i can fumble with all of those knots that i don’t know that i really should.

my coworker, ben, is entering a grad program for lighting design this year and handed over his reading list to me last week.  26 pages of books i had never even HEARD of before, all to be read before he graduates in 2011.  my reading list for grad school was one page, mainly filled with plays i’d covered years ago.  this reading list has now become my personal goal.  it is also helpful because it covers areas other than lighting, and i am highly considering getting a second masters in sound design and technology [my second love].

so i have begun “the library.”  amazon marketplace is a dream come true for my pocketbook.

so here are my most recent purchases:

  • automated lighting, by richard cadena
  • control systems for live entertainment, by john huntington
  • lighting design handbook by lee watson
  • music, sound, and sensation: a modern exposition, by fritz winckel
  • the empty space: a book about the theatre: deadly, holy, rough, immediate, by peter brook

to be fair, the first two i purchased around the time USITT, but things in my personal life didn’t really lend well to reading textbooks at that time.  i have gotten though automated lighting and think it’s a wonderful text…but i need a refresher!  and while i know that the watson book is outdated, i still love it.  where else will you find a light plot for the ice capades?

for now, i am going off of ben’s reading list, but also taking more suggestions.  what is your favorite book in your theatre library?  what book would you absolutely recommend?  and where can i find a copy of stage design by tony davis that won’t run me $150+?  any and all input is greatly appreciated!


an introduction

July 27, 2008

hello world!

i am a short and painfully perky LD named kat.  i live in michigan.  i figure that this would be a good way for me to chronicle some of my recent and future work as well as whatever other lighting geekery i come up with.    this is also a good way for people to keep track of what i’m doing these days; i have a bad habit of losing contact with people i like, and then being asked…”so WHAT do you do?  WHERE are you?”

let’s start there:  i am a lighting designer currently finishing out the summer season at a wonderful opera house located in southern michigan.  i will soon be moving back to school to finish out my third and final year of grad school.  after that, who knows?  i have big plans [and even bigger dreams], but in the theatre world you learn to take life one day at a time.

anything else tech-related i will probably cover at some point, but feel free to ask!  i am generally pretty friendly and laid-back…until dimmer packs start blowing.  more on that later.